Aug 20, 2014

GoTape Review

Go Go Gadget Kinesiology Tape!
I wanted to share with you all a new product that I recently got a chance to try out. The product is GoTape, a new brand of kinisology... kineiology... konnecticutology... *types in google*...  kinesiology tape. Well, when I say recently, this has been a long time coming. But the delay has paid off, in that not only have I tried it, but also my lovely wife and my sister have given it a run through. I had never used any such tape before, my wife had used another brand once (a free taping at WDW Marathon Weekend Expo) and my sister not at all either.

My Initial Test

At first I was a little unsure how I would get to give it a good test. I have the occasional pain in the knee, leg muscle or ankle, but nothing reoccurring right now. But, as luck would have it, as I procrastinated, I got just what I need (a stroke of bad or good luck, however you want to look at it). After working a day from home on the couch instead of my desk, I started having some pain on the side of my knee. After consulting the almighty internet doctor, and following up with a text consult with a family friend (who is an actual physical therapist), the diagnosis was IT Band.

Tape it up!
We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
We can make him better than he was.
Better, stronger, faster.
So, I took to trying my first tape job ever. I have to say, upfront, there are some issues I have with the tape people. Not just GoTape, but all the brands. First, they talk in unit of measurements of strips. If you have a roll and not the precut strips, then, oh well, you are out of luck. No one seems to say (that I could easily find) how long this magical unit of "strip" is. I feel like I'm watching my daughter's television show measuring in cats instead of sticks to find a treasure (because a stick is a universally recognized unit if measurement). Second, no one really tells you how to get the sticky part off of the back of the tape. I had to see a twist method in a video and try to mimic it just to avoid all of the tape sticking together. As I said, it was my first time Frankenstein-ing my leg, so I assume it gets easier; but that would be helpful "getting started" information. And this wasn't just GoTape, but also the well known KT Tape as well.

So I taped. I have to say, for my first time ever, I thought I did pretty well. The online instructions were easy to find, grouped by body area, and included plenty of pictures to see what you should be doing. I went with the IT Band (Outer Knee) taping. I had no trouble following along, and the end result was pretty good I think.

My First Taped Run

I ended up taping up my knee a while before my run. When I finally got out the door, it was still tight and it fit well. I took a nice easy run; I didn't push the pace too hard, but I was not too slow either, and took my out-and-back short route. I did the equivalent of one of my "easy just get out there" runs. I took careful note of my knee when I was running. I felt no pain and no strain. I felt strong after the 2 1/4 miles and easily could have kept going, but didn't want to press my luck. After the run, I kept the tape on. It actually stayed well for about 2 days after. After that point, one portion started to come loose, so I felt it was time to take it all the way off. If I had a little more experience taping, I think it would have stayed even better.

Our Other Lab Rats

While testing out the GoTape, I gave the opportunity to try the tape out for my wife and sister.

My Wife's Test

My wife has runner's knee (without being a runner). We found during her first pregnancy that the extra weight causes her condition to worsen. With rest, she doesn't normally have pain, but at the time of having the tape on hand, she was pregnant with our son, which made it a good time to tape it up. For her, we went with the complete knee taping. She had this done at the WDW Marathon Weekend Expo this past January with KT Tape. She felt the same support with my amateur tape job using the GoTape. She didn't feel the pain in her knee like she did before the tape, and the tape job held up all day to her walking and standing for an orientation at work and coaching in the evening. Pregnant lady approved.

My Sister's Trial

My sister offered herself up as my second guinea pig tester. She has achilles tendonitis. She's diagnosed by a doctor (not just the internet) and received treatment for but still causes her pain. Ahead of the Color Run we ran together (you can see my recap and review here). She was open to trying the tape to help her out. The directions were simple enough and we got her taped up the morning of the race. As mentioned in my previous post, the course was very hilly. One on of the uphill portions, she said something that summarizes her experience with the tape into a nice little blurb
The only thing on my legs that doesn't hurt right now is the part you taped.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, I was very happy with the tape. It came through for me when I needed it, worked as good as the competitor and got a glowing recommendation on some hills. I plan to keep a roll on hand for the times I need it and to order some for my wife for color guard season coming up with the marching band. The only thing I'd like to see is some more colors, like a royal blue instead of just light blue and maybe a red. They have a good set for being a new product, but doesn't mean I wouldn't love more options. You're talking to the man man rocking some stand out Running Duds. The nice part about the tape is that it isn't too expensive, just $14.99 for a precut box, so you can buy a roll and see if it helps you out without breaking the bank. I was glad I had it when I did. The most important part to me is:
Yes, I would recommend GoTape. 
I don't think I can be more straight forward than that. I'm not saying it's a "cure-all" or magic, but it worked for me, so that's all I need. Give it a try. Let me know what you think.

Have you ever used kinesiology tape? Do have interest in such a product?

Disclaimer: I was provided GoTape for free in exchange for the review, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Yikes ITBS is nothing to take lightly! Glad your tape worked but be sure to do the stretches. I used KT tape only once for my IT band. I did it myself and it was a complete fail! I even watched the youTube video on how to apply it. Sounds like go tape might be a bit easier!

    1. Thanks. Our physical therapist friend also recommended a foam roller, which I may not have actually bought yet though have meant to. I did stretching and rest and haven't had much problem with since luckily. Any sign of trouble and taping up again though.

      It was pretty easy to use, other than figuring out the tearing that I mentioned. I only had like two times ruining a piece of tape, haha.

  2. So I've used KT tape a few times over the years. I am not sure if it really helps or there is a bit of the placebo effect. It does sometimes come off when I put my socks on and off. I used the pre cut strips.

    1. For me, I don't think it's a placebo effect. I mean, structurally it makes sense to me. You're taping along joints and ligaments, adding support to the structures already in place. The engineer in me sees it as sound. I mean, it doesn't "fix" the underlying problem, it doesn't heal you, but just like an old school taping or a brace, its providing support. I think it just works in minor cases where you don't need the full support of a brace. My brain just thinks of it from an engineering view to it. I am of course NOT a doctor, though I do have a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering.