Nov 10, 2014

A New Castle Lighting | Mickey Monday

Welcome back to another edition of the Mickey Monday linkup: the linkup centering around a love for Disney, sharing that love and connecting with others. I hope this linkup will become a great place to turn to for Disney content each week and help all the bloggers participating out by helping readers find that great mouse-eared content. I'm co-hosting with Katie from Adventures by Katie, so of course check her blog out.

This week I want to talk about my favorite time of year. Christmastime at Walt Disney World is a magical time. One of the most beautiful sites is Cinderella Castle. The lights are a site to be seen. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is fantastic show and experience, but the castle is a simple beauty. Every year, there is a show to go along with turning on the lights. In past years, the Fairy Godmother decorates the castle for Cinderella. However, this year, there is something new. This week I'll be talking about...

A New Castle Lighting

This year Magic Kingdom Park features "A Frozen Holiday Wish". This stage show features Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf where they find their way to the Magic Kingdom and ends with Queen Elsa transforming Cinderella Castle into a beautiful ice palace. This past Friday, the Disney Parks Blog live streamed the show. I love when they do live stream events. Sometimes you can see some really cool events, you'd otherwise miss if you can't make it to the parks.

An icy view of Cinderella Castle
From my Christmastime trip in 2012

Overall, the show was pretty good. There was a minor technical hiccup, where the audio and video were off for a while, but not noticeable to my 3 year old. I personally am a little Frozen-ed out, as many are, but they did a good job over all. I only had one issue with the show. When Anna suggests Elsa use her powers on the castle, Elsa first resists, saying she can't because she doesn't know who lives there. I felt that was the opportune moment, to bring Cinderella into the mix, and let her be open to the idea. However, Anna and Kristoff get the crowd to cheer for "ice and snow" until she agrees anyway. I felt like, why even bring up that she can't because she doesn't know who's castle it is if you're just going to ignore that fact?

With that said, and given that I prefer the Fairy Godmother story, it is a good use of Frozen. Queen Elsa's ice powers fit right ini with this, therefore it doesn't feel out of place. In the end, it was good, though due to the technical glitch, I'd suggest watching one of the many other videos of the show.

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  1. I do like how well Elsa's powers fit the castle lighting. I haven't gotten to see this live yet, but we'll be back for Thanksgiving week and we may try to fit in a MVMCP sometime in early December too.

    1. The party overall is fantastic. Highly recommend if you haven't done it before. You get free hot chocolate and warm cookies, you see characters in their holiday best, there special activities going on around the park, and the special Christmas parade. Of course you can't forget the magic snow on Main Street USA. I loved it.