Nov 3, 2014

DISDads | Mickey Monday

Welcome back to another edition of the Mickey Monday linkup: the linkup centering around a love for Disney, sharing that love and connecting with others. I hope this linkup will become a great place to turn to for Disney content each week and help all the bloggers participating out by helping readers find that great mouse-eared content. I'm co-hosting with Katie from Adventures by Katie, so of course check her blog out.

This week, I'm trying something a little different. Instead of just having the linkup code posted on only our two blogs, I'll be making it available to anyone participating to place on their blog (if you so wish). Check out after the post for more information.

I've talked about the Disney Parks Moms Panel on several occasions. Obviously, me, a Dad, talking about the Moms Panel often requires a little explanation. However, this week, I'm going to talk about something a little easier to understand my association. This week I'll be talking about...

Who are the DISDads?

Who are the DISDads?

So what is a DIS Dad? Well, the best place to start is You can read the full about page there. DISDads are a group of Walt Disney World fans, with a chromosomal commonality. We share a unique perspective, as male Disney fans are the minority. That perspective binds us together into an informal mouse-eared brotherhood.

Where did this all come from?

The DISDads started from the DIS Boards site. What is DIS Boards you say? Aren't you just full of questions today? DIS Boards is a discussion forums site centered around all things Disney. And when I say "all things" I really mean it. You can find anything you want to talk about on there. I've popped in a couple of times into different discussions and there are great people there. In fact, that's how I discovered the DISDads to begin with. I had seen DISDads listed in someone's signature and followed the breadcrumb trail right to them. Now, they have their own site, discussion boards and podcast.

What does it take to be a DISDad?

Being a DISDad is a pretty simple process. The easiest way to put it is if you're a big kid at heart that loves Disney and wants to be a DISDad, you're in. There is a full list of criteria that you can find on the DISDads site, as well in DISBoards and the DISDads boards. It's a list of 124 items, that if you meet any of the criteria, you're qualified and will fit in just fine. If you want to get a DISDads number and meet the criteria, stop by this post on DIS Boards. From what I've found, that seems to be the home to get the official number if you so desire. All you need to do is register for the site, post a message and await the welcome into the tribe. You're right now talking to DISDad #785. You can even check a post for the official number list.

Where can we find the DISDads?

The DISDads are everywhere. No, we're not the Illuminati. There is a strong presence on DIS Boards, where they got their start. In addition, I already linked to their site On their site, they also have their own discussion boards. That's another great place to connect a chat. you can stop by either location to talk Disney, bacon, beer, anything really or ask a question and seek out advice. You can even stop by just to say hi and nothing more. They also have their own podcast, which is really great. They talk Disney rumors, have people on to discuss their trips, talking about the parks, the rides, the resort... any and all aspects. The dads on the podcast are great, headed up by Aaron Rittmaster and features DISDads on the topics for that podcast. I highly recommend it, so check it directly from the DISDads site (stream it or download it) or subscribe on iTunes.

I'll just wrap it up by saying these are a great group of guys - very friendly and welcoming - so stop by and say hello if you'd like. Their podcast has great content and insight, so even if discussion forums aren't your thing, give it a listen. If you enjoy Disney, you won't be disappointed.

Onto the Linkup

Here are the guidelines:

The post just needs to be about anything Disney related. There have been posts on runDisney, on the parks and even on the Moms Panel, so just give it some Disney and count it.

New posts are fantastic, but for now, if you have a great old post you want to share, drop it on in.

Try to visit as many of the posts that you can as time allows. The point of this is to share and support each other.

If you're going to be a regular, please link back to the host posts. It's just good etiquette and frankly, that's how others will get to your fellow Disney lovers content. Without that link back, they can't find the linkup and therefore the other blogs. Help me help you.

As mentioned, you now have the option to add the linkup code to your post if you'd like. It is not required, just another option. If not, please follow the above link back guideline. Get the InLinkz code

Have fun. Be a kid. Enjoy.

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  1. It's amazing how passionate people are about Disney! You're kids are going to love you even more

    1. It just really connects with some people (like me). She asks a couple times a week to go in some form (like any time a commercial for WDW comes on "I want to go to that sometime"). Can't wait for our next trip to take her.