Jul 24, 2015

Drinks of Summer | #FridayFive

I'm a little late to the Friday Five linkup this week, but that's ok. I was a little under the weather last night, so it was a no anything sort of night. This week's topic is perfect if you're a little thirsty. This week we're looking at our favorite summer drinks. This one was easy think of items, so let's get down to it and have a drink!

Drinks of Summer

1. Nuun

I use this year round when I'm running to hydrate, but it's great for the summer. In the summer, it's hot, it's humid, and you're out places. When we're going to be out and about, such as at the park, into the city, or of the million and one other activities we do, I always grab a tube to come with me, just in case. Better to be safe than dehydrated.

2. Captain and Coke

Oh captain, my captain. This is one of my all time go to adult beverages. Simple but delicious. In college, we also discovered a tasty variation known as Blackbeard, where you add in some root beer schnapps. Yes, root beer schnapps is a thing. I won't even mention the amount of Captain we went through in college, but I will date myself by quoting the Ignition remix lyrics "It's the freakin' weekend baby..."

3. Ice cold beer

Similar to number 2, sometimes when it's hot out, an ice cold beer just hits the spot. Not always, but often. After a long day at the beach, you're back at the hotel, the kids are in bed, there's nothing like a beer on the balcony overlooking the waves with the gentle sea breeze. Of course, there's always the 3b option of a beer shake, such as the deliciously pictured Irish Beer Shake from Red Robin.

4. Slushies

Slushies, ICEE, frozen Coke, whatever you want to call them. I just love all the frozens on a hot summer afternoon. A group of developers I used to work with would occassionally take a walk on a summer Friday afternoon to a nearby 7-Eleven for a "we worked hard" treat. I was thinking more about the bright colored and soda versions you get at a Sheetz or 7-Eleven for .99 a gallon, but I'm willing to include others, such as Frappuccinos (which I also love) or the frozen tropical drinks like the strawberry daiquiri and pina colada.

5. Arnold Palmer

I was going to put ice tea at number 5 to finish the list strong, because who doesn't love a cold glass of fresh brewed ice tea. But then I thought, why not go with my favorite way to drink ice tea: with some lemonade. And if you're feeling adventurous, why but combine number 4 and number 5 and go with a Dunkin Donuts Arnold Palmer Coolatta. You'll thank me later. Unless you hate lemonade and / or ice tea. Then don't get it.

What's your favorite drink of summer?

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  1. I love love love that water bottle! It is just awesome!! And while I can't really have them often because of all the sugar, slushies are just the absolute best drink!

    1. It's just $8 from geeked out fitness. And it turns blue when cold


      Yeah, I don't have them very much any more because of the sugar, but it doesn't mean they're not delicious.

  2. I'm a nuun fan too. A coke slurpee on a really hot day hits the spot!

    1. I'm looking to combine the two. Going to freeze some Kona Cola Nuun and then blend it up: personal frozen Coke

  3. Well now I need to find a Red Robin! That shake looks amazing!
    Also ditto on the Nuun love :)

    1. That shake was amazing. They also have a Blue Moon shake that looks really good, but I haven't tried.

  4. I love Nuun, too. And that beer milkshake looks awesome (and I'm not even a beer fan). Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Thanks. I am feeling pretty good. Was mostly just worn down Friday after all of it.