Jan 21, 2016

Winter Running Must Have: 2XU HYOPTIK Thermal Compression Tights Review | BibRavePro

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Winter is here in full force. It's important to keep warm. Two things I started with in my last review, the Buff Thermal Hoodie. As it turns out, that was not the only cold weather gear I've been testing. Another entry from my holiday brand wish list has made it's appearance again, this time 2XU with the HYOPTIK Thermal Compression Tights.

What makes these tights different?

These tights have a lot of great features. First and foremost in this chilly winter is that they are thermal. The tights have a brushed interior thermal layer, which adds some fantastic warmth without a lot of bulk or weight. Not only that, it actually gives them a comfy inner layer. Second, the tights offer 2XU's great compression. The compression gives support to your muscles as well as offering improved blood flow. Third, the tights are a part of the HYOPTIK line from 2XU, which offer reflective logos to keep you safe by making sure you're seen in low light conditions. Those are three huge pluses for a pair of tights. But wait, there's more! They're also antibacterial, offer moisture wicking and give you UPF50+ sun protection.

How warm are they, really?

I mentioned their brushed interior thermal layer. While it is a thin addition to the tights, whatever they make it out of, it simply works. I've tested it in a myriad of conditions. The coldest I've run in was 14ºF, but with the wind it came in a -1ºF. And let me tell you, the little bit of my face that was exposed can vouch for how cold that was. Even given those temperatures, my legs were not cold from the time I stepped outside until the time I arrived back home. I also ran with them in higher cold temperatures, like more around freezing, and they were always warm without being hot. I will be putting them to use this weekend beyond running, as a base layer for playing in the oncoming snow.

Anything else about them I should know?

I actually have a great experience to share. It happened on day 2 of my run streak, so I'll share it here again for you.

The Takeaway

I can wrap my thoughts up into one solid statement: If you run where there is actual winter, you need a pair of these tights. They are now a part of my regular winter gear. Out for a run, a ride, or just out for some winter time fun, these will fit with comfort and warmth.

How do you keep warm? Do you run in tights?


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