Jan 6, 2016

Shoes that Fly: First Look at runDisney Dumbo New Balance

Monday, I shared with you the official New Balance unveiling of the 2016 runDisney shoes. Today, I have something special to share with you, a real hands on first look at the Dumbo edition shoe.

The Dumbo edition is a version of the New Balance Vazee Pace, a neutral cushioned shoe. This shoe is lightweight, features a 6mm drop and a foam midsole cushioning. Of course, that's all the Vazee Pace stuff. What you really care about is, what makes it Dumbo?

Let's start with a video hands on to answer that, as I take my first look at it out of the box.

Now, let's get some glamour shots. We can't start without first taking it out of the box.

First note the colors, your elephant gray body, yellow heel for his hat, red on the sole for his neck ruffle, and touch of black for the feather that helps him believe he can fly (spoilers, sorry). Inside, we get the tan of the inside of his ears to match.

You get all the Disney touches, his signature on the tongue, his portrait on the back, and of course a hidden Mickey.

But where would Dumbo be without Timothy the mouse?

I tried the shoes on and they were quite comfortable. I may have worn the around the house immediately after shooting the video, including as I edited the video and wrote this blog.

To get theses shoes (or one of the other models), you'll need to go to the expo, but they offer a great virtual queue system so you don't have to wait in line and they can let you know when it's your turn. It's a really good system, in my opinion. Get the full details at nbvirtualqueue.com

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Sarah for sending me this pair ahead of time. While I was given the shoes as a gift, all opinions are my own (like I would ever give you anything else).

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