Mar 14, 2016

Naturally Awesome: Merino Wool BUFF | BibRavePro

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As we teeter on the balance of not always cold, not always warm, it can be hard to find just what to wear out on a run. One day you break out the cold weather gear, and the next you're in shorts. I got a chance to test the Merino Wool BUFF, which feel into the sweet spot, like baby bear's porridge, it was just right.

What is "merino" wool?

I'm going to start with what was my first question of the product, what is "merino" wool? Frankly, if you follow my blog, you should be familiar with what a BUFF is by now. If not or you just missed those posts, go read this or that. I could assume a merino wool is a type of wool, but does that mean I'm testing a BUFF that's like a knit scarf? No, for that you'd want something more like the knitted & polar fleece neckwarmer. What we're talking about is still your standard tubular BUFF style just made from Merino wool.

Merino wool comes from, you've guessed it, Merino sheep. From my readings, Merino sheep are a breed prized for their wool, due to its softness and high quality. The wool is often used for athletic clothing, such as BUFFs, due to some of its natural properties. What makes it so great for a BUFF you ask? That is a great question. It is excellent for regulating body temperature: it provides warmth without overheating and is also naturally sweat wicking and slightly moisture repellant. On top of that, unlike cotton, it can still keep you warm, even when wet. Merino wool also has antibacterial properties which results in odor control. That's not all. It's flameproof, provides UV protection and due to the fibers, has natural stretch and elasticity and is one of the softest wools available. The Merino Wool BUFF is 100% natural merino wool, so it takes advantages of all these natural properties.

How does it feel?

I told you that it's known for being soft. From the moment I took it out, I thought it felt nice and soft. I think my original BUFFs are comfortable to wear, but this just feels "soft comfy" to the touch. One of my favorite way to wears it is as a cap, because it's just soft and comfy but will also keep me cool by wicking away any sweat. The wool also just gives it a look that to me doesn't look like a "running product". It's slightly longer than a standard BUFF by a couple of inches. I found that good in some ways, but also made for some extra fabric when trying to wear it in others.

What about running in it?

I took the Merino Wool BUFF out for a couple of runs while I had it. It was comfy to wear, as mentioned, but worked well with sweating. I found it kept the sweat back and off my face, without overheating. It also is still unwashed and still un-smelly. I found that for me personally, it worked great up into the 50s, but over 60 got a little warm for me on my head. I actually think that might be more due to the amount of fabric than the wool. I also had issues in warmer temps with my full BUFF. I do better with less on my head, a single layer instead of all the bunched up of a full tubular BUFF.

The Takeaway

I'm a lover of BUFF products, but the reason why is because every BUFF I try has delivered. The Merino Wool BUFF is no different. It's soft, comfortable, and delivers on all the natural promises of merino wool. For me, this is a great cool weather running gear that is also usable beyond being paired with my running shoes. The BUFF USA site says the Merino Wool BUFF is "cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter" so I look forward to giving it some more tests in the warmth. I just need to find a way to wear it without too many layers, probably with the Sahariane that I liked so much with the Full BUFF. Simply put, the Merino Wool BUFF is naturally awesome.

Lastly, it wouldn't be a BUFF review with out a stuffed toy wearing a BUFF, so I give you Cheer Bear, rocking the Merino Wool BUFF.

Have you ever worn Merino wool?


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