Apr 9, 2017

Be Brilliant: Brilliant Reflective Running Tapes Review | BibRavePro

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I try to be a very safety conscious runner. I'm lucky enough to live somewhere with a lot of great paved paths and sidewalks, but I always try to take extra precautions: blinking clip on lights, bright cloths, Knuckle Lights. With that in mind, a product that can help make my current gear even safer is right up my alley. I got a chance to try two products from Brilliant Reflective: their stick-on and iron-on options.

What is Brilliant Reflective?

Brilliant Reflective Running tapes allow you to take almost any gear and make it into reflective gear. They help you to customize your gear and help make it safer. They come it two options to best suit your needs: stick-on and iron-on. They also come in 4 colors: black, red, blue, and purple, keeping your gear looking good too. I opted for black because that's easier to at least look alright with whatever I put it on. 

How hard are they to use?

Both products are easy to use. With each, you get a sheet of various sizes, some short, some long, some thing, some thick. I like this because it helps you find just the right size of the right place. Plus, if they're too long, they look easy enough to trim (though I should note, this is not something I tried). I first worked with the stick-on, because that require nothing extra. While I don't often ride at night (or at all that much), I figured a helmet was a great first item to test on. I did thin but long strips down the sides as well as a fat short one across the back on the foam. All of the pieces were easy to get on and stayed in place well, even on the foam. I actually have some pieces left over, and once I find them, I'm adding them to some of my other gear, because they're great.

Second, I tackled the iron-on. Now, I have used an iron before. Fact. I also may not have used one in over 10 years probably. Also fact. This made me a little nervous about messing these up. One nice thing is when you open up the packaging, the inside are easy to follow instructions. It walked through what settings to use, how long to iron, and how to handle it when it's done. it even shows a diagram with recommended placements. This was so useful as a guide. It was so easy to do, even with ironing onto a tech shirt, which worried me. The worst part was peeling off the plastic top after, not because it was difficult, but because I feared ripping off what I had just done, in case it had been done incorrectly. Luckily, this was not the case, and it all turned out quite well I think.

How bright are they?

Sure, they're easy to add to your gear, but how well do they work? They are brilliant! (see what I did there?) The tiny strips are super reflective and super bright. As you can see on my shirt in the previous section, the shine bright. Even my shirt sitting on the steps after I was finished would reflect some light of the light from my stairs light. If you're going to make a product to add visibility, you better be sure it works well. They delivered on this.

The Takeaway

The strips are easy to use and apply, not very expensive, and are super bright. They really can make any piece of gear into a piece of high visibility gear. So far they seem pretty durable, so I'm not too worried about their longevity. All in all, these little guys do their job, and do their job well. I'm even planning on picking up some more to viz out my other gear, I just need to pick some colors.

Special Sale (Limited Time)

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What do you wear to be sure you're seen?


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