Apr 16, 2017

Elite Peace of Mind: Road ID Wrist ID Elite Review | BibRavePro

Disclaimer: I received the Road ID Wrist ID Elite to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador, tell them I sent you), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

As my last review mentioned, I try to be a very safety conscious runner. I do everything I can to be safe, but you also even need be prepared and have peace of mind. Enter Road ID.

What is Road ID?

The inspiration for Road ID came from way back in the fall in 1999. One of the co-owners was inspired by the combination of his father's request to "be safe" and a black pickup truck that came a little too close (the full story). Since then, and to this day, they're on a mission to save lives. Should heaven forbid anything happen to you while out on a run, having a Road ID on means your family can be contacted, and first responders can have vital information about you they may need. They have a page full of testimonials of real customers who found themselves in need. With Road ID, you can have that extra peace of mind.

Road ID is a company out to make a difference. First, their product was developed to help people when they need it the most. They also go beyond that. The have an ecrumbs app, targeted at letting your family know where you are, so they can know you're ok. End up turning a 4 mile run into 7 because you feel good? They don't need to worry because they can pull up the tracker and see you're still going strong (I've been there, they get mad). When you have watches, some of them offer a live tracking feature, but I found it hard to find that in the smartphone app marketplace before I had my watch. It can even send out stationary alerts, meant to provide an alert to someone if you stop for more than a specified amount of time, which could be a sign of a problem. It doesn't replace the need for the physical ID, because in an accident, your phone will likely be damaged, but it can give them some peace of mind on your behalf. Lastly, I'd like to mention something during their purchase process. They donate a portion of the sales to a charity of your choice from their list. You don't have to add anything for the charity to get a donation, though you're welcome to do so. It's a great way they give back, and a small thing that makes me love them as a company.

They offer a wide range of IDs. You can chose from four different wrist IDs, two to wear around your neck, one for your ankle, two for your shoes, two for your dogs, and if you have a wearable, IDs that fit your Apple watch, 13 different Garmin devices, 7 fitbits, and one Polar device.

What makes it so 'elite'?

I received the Wrist ID Elite to test and review. The Elite comes in three styles: classic, rugged, and black edition. The classic comes with a plain flat faceplate, the rugged has an outer raised border, and the black edition comes in a black matte finish with engraving with a hint of gold. While I like the look of the black matte, I prefer silver over gold, so I instead went with the rugged edition. I love the little extra touch the rugged faceplate gives the ID.

The band is what makes this ID stand out from the others available. You can have either a silicone or leather band with a watch-style buckle. The silicone band comes in one of six solid colors or five dual "black collection" colors. For the leather band, you can choose black or brown. The sleek style gives it a look that will work for everyday wear if you want, not just on the run.

What do you get?

I'd like to take a little time to talk about the packaging. I'm big on the little things, and Road ID does the little things right. The Wrist ID Elite comes in it's own tin, with the band and faceplate inside. The tin is perfect for some reuse for holding some tea bags for myself in my desk at work. Inside the package, I also got a nice little card from Keith J, who prepared my Road ID. It's a nice little touch, with just a bit of humor, but also gives you the contact information to reach out right away should something not be right. Additionally, on the back is a coupon "Redeemable for One (1) Free Bear Hug at Road ID HQ", and it has a footnote of "from an actual bear. He works in the warehouse. Great hugger". I'll be holding onto this in case I ever get the opportunity to try and redeem it.

The Wrist ID Elite is one size fits all. You get a long band that you trim to just the right size. I went with a silicone band, which was easy to work with. I took my time, taking little by little off until it was just right. It was easy to do, if not a little time consuming. Of course, I was extremely scared of trimming too far, so probably trimmed it many more times that I could have skipped. In the end, I did get it just right.

The last additional thing I got was a badge. Road ID helps you customize your ID further with small badges with either a small picture or text. There are a lot of cool looking ones that made it hard to pick from. In the end, I went with a custom badge. With a custom badge, you can add up to 15 characters, 11 if you want larger text, or 7 if you want to go with the largest font size. I made myself a #BIBRAVEPRO badge on large text size. I'm very happy with it. Now that I have it on the band, I also see I can easily go with more than one (at least at my wrist size) with it still being comfortable, so I may get myself another one, or more to swap in and out (it does currently say bye two elite badges and get a third free).

How do you like it?

I love the peace of mind I get from wearing my Road ID. I've owned a Wrist ID Sport for quite a while now. I purchased that one after I started running because I thought it looked like it'd be the most comfortable one. The Elite is so much better than my Sport. It's very comfortable, looks good, and most of all feels good to have that information right there. I like the customization of adding badges, especially one I could customize myself. The silicone band with the clasp gives it just the right amount of weight to feel good on your wrist, but you quickly forget it's even there. It's a hard balance to achieve, but it fits the bill for me.

It may be a running "accessory", but a necessary one. I never run without it, and even wear it to the gym, just in case. I'm not a person who wears it all the time, but you never know. With this particular ID, I could see that as a possibility more than the others. If you have any serious allergies, this is a perfect solution to always having that information on you.

The Takeaway

Running is a wonderful sport that allows me to destress and feel better both mentally and physically. Having my Road ID gives me the peace of mind knowing should anything ever happen, which I pray it never will, that my wife will be able to be contacted right away. They'll know who I am, which can also help doctors. I hope my Road ID never needs to be read by anyone, but as an Eagle Scout, I like to always be prepared. Road ID gives me peace of mind. The Wrist ID Elite gives me a sleek and comfortable delivery of the peace of mind.

Free $5 Giftcard

Want a Road ID of your own? Need to get that peace of mind? All you need to do is go to bit.ly/2ocFWMl, fill out the form, and you'll get a $5 gift card to use at Road ID. That gift card will be valid for 2 weeks, so go fill out the form now and then find what ID will fit your needs best. Maybe Keith will help your order out. ;-)


This week's #bibchat will be featuring Road ID. Stop by on Tuesday, April 18th at 9pm EST to join in the good times that is bibchat. Interact with the team, with other BibRavePros, and all the other like minded runners that participate each week. You can plan on a giveaway as always, so there's always that added bonus.

Do you always have identification with you when you run? How about at the gym?


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