Oct 26, 2017

Nuun Performance | #TeamNuun

I love getting the opportunity to be a member of Team Nuun. My #nuunlove is no secret. Being a part of Team Nuun gives me the opportunity to hear about the new products when they come out. One of Nuun's newest products is Nuun Performance. I recently tried it out with my training and the Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. I meant to write a post when Nuun Performance first launched, but felt that writing now with my personal experience on it was appropriate.

What is Nuun Performance?

Nuun Performance is Nuun's latest hydration product. Nuun Performance is different from the rest in several ways. First it is a blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates for balanced nutrition. This balance is intended to keep you hydrated while offering easily absorbed carbohydrates to fuel your longer workouts, intend for strenuous sessions lasting over 90 minutes. Second, Nuun Performance is made with dried fruit powder. This is intended to offer you the purest forms of ingredients. Third, this means the mix is a powdered form, instead of the usually Nuun form of a tablet. This offers the added benefit of allowing you to get exactly the ratio right for you.

* 3-3.5% ratio of carb to water and an osmolality of 250 mosm is ideal for hard effort

Nuun Performance is a Non-GMO Project verified. It is made from only certified non-gmo ingredients.
  • dextrose: carbohydrate that works with sodium to aid in fluid transport
  • cane sugar (vegan): a carbohydrate that works with dextrose and sodium to aid in fluid delivery
  • dried fruit powder: pure clean flavoring without fillers
  • sodium citrate: electrolyte that helps retain fluids
  • citric acid: helps stabilize flavoring and provides a crisp taste
  • potassium citrate: electrolyte that helps with fluid balance
  • potassium chloride: electrolyte, in the form that is most absorbable during exercise
  • magnesium citrate: electrolyte that aids in muscle function
  • calcium citrate: electrolyte that aids in muscle and bone function

How does it work?

I used the Blueberry Strawberry Nuun Performance in my Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. Long story short, I liked it. The flavor is good, though not as strong as I personally like. I like the powder mix, I works well, dissolving easily. One thing I really like about it is since it's not the tablet, you don't have the little bit of pressure that can build up. With all my other Nuun, that goes away after a short bit, but you don't have that fact at all here. Also, one of my packets were more of a solid clump than a powder (which is normal if exposed to too much heat or humidity) but had no problem dissolving still, and is still as effective (per the Nuun website).

The carbs in it were nice. Now, I'm not exactly a "high performing" athlete, but I work hard. I put my all into it. And my big body needs fuel I know what my body normally needs throughout longer runs and what it feels like when I don't have enough. I could definitely notice a different when having Nuun Performance with me than when I haven't in the past. It also helped my stomach not feel as empty or "sloshy" (for lack of a better way to say it). You still need other carbs, to get the right balance and full amount your body needs, but this lessens what you need to take in.


Overall, Nuun Performance worked for me. My non-scientific results is that I felt good with it, better than my long runs without it, which is enough for me. If you tend on the longer side of workouts, and looking for a solution to keep you hydrated but also are concerned with your carbs, give Nuun Performance a try.



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