Aug 7, 2015

A Day in the Life of My 1 Year Old | #FridayFive

I'm excited for this week's Friday Five linkup. The topic is a day in the life. Now, it didn't say it needed to be a day in my life. I couldn't help but use this for someone other than myself. I decided to share the day of my little guy and what I believe would be his inner dialogue.

A Day in the Life of My 1 Year Old

1. Starting the day

I'm awake, let's go downstairs!

Ah the playroom, all neat and clean... DESTROY!!!!!!

I'm hungry. Here, let me throw toys into the kitchen to let you know I'm ready to eat.

Yum, pancakes! *two bites later* I'm done with these! *throw to floor* I'm hungry!

Yum, yogurt! I bet this would feel good in my hands... *waits for bite, shoves whole hand in mouth* It does! I bet it'd feel even better in my hair!

2. Playtime

Look! A bin of toys! I bet that would go great on my head!

Look! A table with some toys! Let's flip and stand on it! Owwww, my feet hurt!

Look! A bucket! I bet that would go great on my head!

3. Helping Around the House

Mommy has a basket for clean diapers? I should help. She probably doesn't want this IN the basket.

Mommy has a basket of clean laundry? Looks comfy.

Ok, helping is a lot of work.

4. More Playtime

Look! A box from a toy! I bet that would go great on my head!

A slide? Going down is easy. Let's go up it... I've made a terrible mistake!

Hey sister. What are you reading?

Come on, sis! I have a great place we can read!

My turn with a book. RRRRrrrrrrrmmmm!

Is Dad home?! Is he?! Get out of my way table, I must see!

Hi Dad! Pppbbbttt!

5. Bedtime

Uuuuggghhh! I'm tired!

Wait, bath?! Yes. Let's get upstairs! Why is this gate in my way? Aaagggghhhhrrrr!!!!

Up the stairs, up the stairs, up the stairs! Hey, will my head fit between these columns? Why are you picking me up?!

Let me in the bath! I don't care about getting my clothes off! Who cares about the diaper, Dad?!

Gah! I'm tired! Why are you dressing me? I'm tired!

Mmmm.... bottle. Ok, I'm done with this. *throws to floor* Where's my paci?!


*laid down in crib*

Zzzzzz... what are you doing laying me in my bed?! Aaaaaa!!!!!!

I'll accept your bed or rocking chair only!

That's better. Good night Mommy.

Is this how your day goes?

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  1. Nailed it!!! Love this post. And your kids are super cute. <3

    1. Thanks. My wife told me this was pretty shoot on for the "how was your day?" when I got home.

  2. I can't believe the baby is one already. I remember when you were just talking about your new arrival!

    1. Yeah. I find it hard to believe too. And how big he is. 18 month everything and his 12-24 month hat for beach didn't fit his 90 percentile everything. Haha.