May 19, 2013

Team #runDisney

After my Tuesday run this past week, I came across a new site, Team #runDisney. Over the course of the week, I slowly read through all the posts on their blog. The whole thing. The site contains a lot of personal accounts of different runDisney events; from 5Ks to Goofy challenges; from east coast to west coast. I loved reading all the different experiences. They've given me a great perspective on what to expect and what goes on.  I always expected the Disney races to be special, but in true Disney fashion, it sounds like they go above and beyond with the Disney magic.

The community started as a group of runDisney enthusiasts conversing on Twitter. From there, the added a Facebook group to continue the conversation. Now, they've added a community blog to share their experiences, their tips and to help others discover runDisney. It really is a great site to get a perspective on what Disney races has to offer.

I was excited to start with for my first runDisney event. It has only managed to grow even greater. January is a long time away, and I have a long way to go in my training, but mentally, I am so ready. I'm so excited to experience it first hand and be able to write about my first runDisney experience.

How to Find Them and Get on Board

Twitter: @teamrundisney
Facebook: groups/teamrundisney


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