May 7, 2013

Training Day 16 - Slight Damp Run

Tuesday usually means gym day. But today was an unconventional Tuesday. My daughter's been a little under the weather lately. To make a long story short, instead of getting up early to go to the gym at work, I stayed home to make sure she didn't have a fever and a need to go to the doctor before heading to work. That left my exercise undone, so the plan became an evening run. It was a wet day today, but the evening was gray without much rain so I was hopeful. I did not remain dry however.

The Run

Endomondo stats
Upon stepping outside, I immediately saw a drop or two on my phone arm band / armor plating. I say that, because every time I strap it on tight, I feel like I'm wearing a piece of armor from Halo. That comes with territory of the Note II though I suppose. Well, crap. Oh well... I have the benefit of the coverage on my phone from Best Buy, so as they put it when I bought it, as long as I can physically bring the phone in, they'll replace it. With that in mind, I wasn't too worried about the rain, and onward I went.

Early the weather stayed fine. A couple of drops here or there, but not much. I had some puddles and mud to run around, but otherwise uneventful. I was happy that it wasn't as humid as it could have felt, being on the cusp of rain. I tried to keep a good pace again, hoping to stay close to this past weekend. I felt a little tired early on energy wise, so was worried if I would hold it. At the one mile mark, I was plesantly surprised: pace 13:30! That fueled me to keep pushing. Unfortunately after my 15 minute turn around, the rain decided to say hello. It came down in spurts, none too heavy. It actually felt kind good at times actually. Just enough to keep cool.

The Stats

Time: 31:44 mins
Distance: 2.30 miles
Average Speed: 4.36 mph
Average Pace: 13:46 min / mile

Open Question About Some Pain

I would like to open up a question about some pain I've been having my past two runs. I start out good but at about a half a mile the lower part of my left shin starts to hurt. It feels a little tight and it makes it tough to flex my foot up. My guess is it's something to do with my running technique, because during my cool down, it goes away and I can flex back up. Not quite marching band toes up, but better than while I run. During my run in my walk intervals, it feels awkward. What I'm looking for is if anyone has experienced this and point me in the right direction. Also, if anyone knows any good forums to point me to for researching, I'd like that as well. I don't know any good forums, so I'm open to any suggestions. I plan to do some research, but wanted to ask here first. Any suggestions are welcomed.


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