May 14, 2013

Training Day 19 - Eleven

I've begun week 5 of my training plan. I felt I finished week 4 strong. This week has the standard 2 maintenance runs and only a 3 mile run on the weekend. Should not be too bad. Feeling good for the upcoming race in 11 days. The gym went well today. Afterwards, before starting my work day I came across a cool site: Team #runDisney. I'll write a separate entry on it, but it has a lot of posts about various people's experiences at runDisney events. It's been very enlightening what I've read so far. I really like the site.


Matt Smith as Doctor Who
Just Matt Smith days until
my next race!
Back to the gym, back to the elliptical, but not Back to the Future. Since I had a slower start out of bed and into the gym, I only had time for another 30 minute run. Went well. Pretty good pace. Not too tired or sore after. Felt good. Nothing much to report there.

I really want to start lengthening these run. I originally thought it'd be good to try and push my speed on the elliptical, but I think I'll actually look to keep my pace, but put more time. I switched from the beginner plan to the To Finish in the Upright Position plan after week 3, as the plan said I could, so now my maintenance runs are 30-45 minutes, so I have that option while still abiding by the plan. I think drawing out the gym run will be good for me. Now, if I could just get a little more motivated to be moving sooner, I could accomplish that. Granted, even with that, I may need to get up a little bit earlier anyway for it to all work out.

The Stats

Time: 30:00 mins
Distance: 4.15 miles
Average Speed: 8.3 mph
Average Pace: 7:13 min / mile


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