May 16, 2016

BUFF in the Wild | BibRavePro

Disclaimer: BibRave and BUFF have partnered up for a BUFF prize pack giveaway, and as part of being a BibRave Pro, I am giving you a chance to win!. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It's no secret how much I love my BUFFs. I first discovered the brand when I got the opportunity to test out the UV Half BUFF as a BibRave Pro. Since then, I've tested the full BUFF, the BUFF thermal hoodie, and the Merino Wool BUFF. These are not even the only BUFFs I own. I own two more full BUFFs, a BUFF headband, and a polar bandana. Even my daughter got her first thermal BUFF this winter.

Want to get BUFF?

Would you like to kick start or grow a collection of your own? BibRave and BUFF are partnering for an amazing giveaway which can net you $215 worth of BUFF gear.

You can win:

  • 1 Original BUFF
  • 2 UV BUFFs
  • 1 Merino Wool BUFF
  • 1 UV Half BUFF
  • 1 Headband
  • 1 Shirt
  • 1 Sweatshirt
  • Stickers

How can you enter to win?

Step 1: Find me at a race. 
    (Hint: I'll be at The Color Run: Baltimore on this Saturday, May 21st)

Step 2: Snap a BUFFIE
    Selfie + BUFF = BUFFIE.
    Simply, take a selfie with you and me in my BUFF

Step 3: Post it, share it, Give the world the BUFFIE
   Post the BUFFIE to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #buffie and #bibchat then tag @bibrave and @buff_usa

Step 4: Lather, rinse, repeat
    Only one BUFFIE per race per pro, but you're eligible to find other pros at other races and enter again. You'll find us all over the US in all sorts of races, so be sure to watch for more tweets and posts of where to find us all. Treat us like Pokemon, and try to collect us all!

The contest is for U.S. residents only, and will run until the end of May.

More Pros, More BUFFIES

UPDATE: The Color Run Baltimore has been rescheduled to August 13, so you will not find me there this weekend. Currently, I have no other May races scheduled, so check out the other Pros below. I'll be sure to update you if I add anything in my schedule for the later half of this month.

Check out where you can find more Pros and opportunities to win:



  1. I have never tried a Buff. I have a similar product that I use that I like though.

    1. I've used others I like too, but just love the versatility of a lot of the BUFFs. Plus they have a lot of specialized ones (good for cold, good for wind, UV protection) that are great to have when you need it.