Apr 10, 2013

Falling into Place

Clarification on the title, the pieces are doing the falling, not me. I'm good. No falling occurring (today at least).

Missus? Misses? Mooses?
We're already beginning to make plans for January. Investigating our options. So, originally, the missus and I (Is that how you spell it? Missus? Misses? Mooses? The wife and I) planned to drive to Florida in order to save cost. It costs time, but not as much money as the high costs of flights. Or so we thought. In a preliminary meeting of the minds, with Dave and the momma Chop (Claudia), Dave searched flights from Newark and they were just $204 a person. Some quick math on distance, fuel efficiency and even using current gas prices, that's just $10 more. Well, that's a pleasant surprise! Couple that with a good price to stay at the in-laws timeshare just off Disney property, and we're in business.

To add to the fun today, my former mentor at Platinum Solutions, eternal butt of all jokes, the Nerf target du jour, the Derek Richard hitched up his big boy pants and threw his hat into the ring. He has officially registered to run with us crazies. I believe he is doing the half marathon and the 5K. Unfortunately for him, it's not the Princess Half Marathon, because he could pull off the tutu.

The excitement grows and fuels the fire. Tomorrow, me and nature meet again. I hope to put up more of a fight. On that note, to bed!


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