Apr 24, 2013

Google Glass Project Idea

So I had an awesome Google Glass idea. It's off the #ifihadglass competition Google had. but this is more #ifihadglass and #ificouldaffordglass. Frankly, even if I was selected to be in the program to get one of the units, I could never afford the $1500. I have an 18 month old daughter at home, so there's always a better place that much money could go. There's two parts: what I would want to use it for straight away and a way I'd like to develop for it to use it as well. Since it's posted on here, clearly it likely has something to do with getting in shape.

What I Would Do with Google Glass

Google Glass
Pretty technology
Google Glass would offer a really unique opportunity for my races. I think it could be really interesting to record video and even broadcast my runs at Walt Disney World. It wouldn't be a view from the front of the pack mind you, but it could still be interesting to let everyone see what the race has to offer. Get a tour of EPCOT and Magic Kingdom from the 1/2 marathon course, see the race, the characters, magical views and, most importantly, the finish line. I could wear it for both the 5K and half marathon races. I already strap my phone to my arm for running, so could leverage the 4G to even a hangout live while running.

I'm not the fastest; I'm not the most in shape; I'm not the strongest. But I am a regular guy, a good bit overweight, making a switch. I think that can be relatable. I won't finish the race in the front, but that's not the point. The point is I'm going from 0 to 13.1 miles. I think it's interesting enough to follow along. I can only do so much in words here, but a video of the race, of the peak of what I'm pursuing, would be amazing. With Google Glass, I could not really do any better of sharing through my eyes.

In addition to my races in January in Walt Disney World, I could do the same with all the other races I do between now and then. I'm not out for just one run. I'm working hard and will push hard. I'm not sure how many I will do, but I already am doing my first this weekend, have a 10K picked out for later this summer, and I am constantly looking for other races to fit into my training schedule. I could video from those various races, from training runs around town, when I'm on vacation and running at the beach, wherever I go. Why? Why not?

What I'd Develop For It

It's like this... but for running!
One thing I've already considered building is my own personal app for training. I love the various apps I use, but I use various apps. I currently have 3 apps running at once (not counting music) to accomplish everything I want. I've thought of building my own app to do the special case I'm looking for. I know it's not a mass appeal of an app, unless you want to do what I'm doing as well. That's not the main point for her though. The focus of this post is Google Glass.

What would I want on Google Glass? I've always loved the concept of a heads up display (HUD). The biggest problem I have with any of the apps I used to track is you can't see them with your phone strapped to your arm. It's good not to concentrate on your distance or time or split while running, so the vocal update at key points works well... most times. Getting an update on the mile works well. But sometimes you want to know how close you are to that goal. Sometimes, when you see your getting close to that goal, you push just that much harder to reach it. When I know I'm a half mile from hitting that next mile with the time on my workout running out, I'll push to hit that mark. I would love to develop a workout HUD for Google Glass where I can see my distance, time and split while I'm running. Hooked up with my phone, tracking with GPS, it would be a perfect combination. With the Google Maps integration, you even have the potential to push a route to run and have Google Glass show you where to run, the path to take and how you're doing.

It has great potential from the exercise world and the running world. I'd love to be a part of that. New tech offers new potentials for exploration and development. It's always an exciting time when technology takes great steps forward like Google Glass. I can't want to see what it can do.


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