Apr 30, 2013

Training Day 13 - Gym

After completing week 2 with my first race ever, it was time to get back to the gym. My knees were starting to feel better. My muscles were still a little tight in the morning, but not too bad. I was still pretty physically tired, and didn't have a ton of drive to be physical because of it, but knew I had to get up and work out. Sam waking up the past two nights hasn't help much either. Even though Steph and I took turns, she was upset enough that neither of us were really sleeping anyway. I closed out April by keeping to my plan and starting week 3 of my training plan.


George "Dana Carvey" Bush
Stay the course.
As I started on the elliptical, my legs were feeling tight. I knew I had to work out, but knew better than to push too hard. I kept a slower pace and just kept moving. My strategy paid off. As the run progressed, my legs loosened up and started to feel better. The energy was a little low, but it helped my legs feel better. I kept it easy, not pushing as hard as I usually do. I usually try and use the gym to help build my cardio up in a lower impact environment, but today it was all about staying the course, getting back out there and working the legs out. The weekday runs are "maintenance runs" so that was what it was all about; maintaining.

The Stats

Time: 26:00 mins (workout)
Distance: 3.25 miles (workout)
Average Speed: 7.5 mph
Average Pace: 8:00 min / mile


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