Jul 13, 2013

180 Days Out == Disney Dining

Disney Dining
This is just a friendly reminder: we are 180 days out of the Disney Family Fun Run 5K. That means time to book your dining reservations. Specifically, this is important if you're participating in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon weekend. This information is still important to Disney dining in general.

How it works

In addition to the reminder, I just wanted to go over how it works, for those that don't know. For Walt Disney World restaurants, you can book them 180 days in advance. However, if you stay on Disney property, you can book for the length of your stay starting from 180 days from the start of your trip. That can give you a tiny edge for the end of your trip.

The Disney dining experience, like everything at WDW is unique to anywhere you'll go. I love eating at the parks, but also at the resorts. In fact, a large majority of my favorite places to dine are at the resorts. Like anywhere when you go away, some can be pricier than others. I feel they are worth it. For our trip in January, we are not eating at Disney places the whole trip to save money, but we still have a couple booked. I am excited for those meal.

One last thing, if you're staying on site and want to eat like a king, I recommend the Deluxe dining plan that comes with 3 table service meals every day. You'll eat until you explode, but it is so worth it. I won't go into detail here on how it works, but you can also drop a comment if you'd like to know more.


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