Jul 14, 2013

Weekly Roundup: July 14th

Time for a weekly roundup. This past week wasn't my best week, but not my worst. Still room to improve, but there always is.


Sunday, July 7: Rest

Monday, July 8: Rest

Tuesday, July 9: Missed Maintenance Run

Summary: I missed my maintenance run on Tuesday. Mostly just on account of being really tired and forgetting. Been exhausted lately.

Wednesday, July 10: Rest

Thursday, July 11: Maintenance Run
Endomondo Stats
Where: Outside
Distance: 1.41 miles
Time: 21:26
Average Pace: 15:12 min / mile

Summary: I was highly unmotivated and stressed going into this run. Usually running helps me to relax and forget the stress but that was not the case this day. Because of that I ended up cutting my 30-45 min run short. Not my best day.

Friday, July 12: Rest

Saturday, July 13: Distance Run w/ Magic Mile
Endomondo Stats
Where: Outside
Distance: 3.68 miles
Time: 54:04
Average Pace: 14:40 min / mile
Magic Mile: N/A

Summary: So I was to have another 4 mile run with my second Magic Mile. It was a very muggy morning. And unfortunately, I didn't check my calendar to realize that I was supposed run a Magic Mile. Because of this, I did not run my MM. My run went pretty good, I ran my mile down the road and back then circled the lake. With all the rain recently, you could see that the lake had flowed over the path in the corner. It was still wet and squishy in this area, which is important. First time around, no problem. Second time around, some problems. Needless to say, I ended my run up a little early and had some tightness in my right knee. I thought maybe a nice shower would help but it only increased in tightness as it went on. Luckily, there was no swelling and resting it during the day resulted in it feeling much better by the next day.

Thoughts on the Week

Muggy run
Not quite bright and smiling
As I started, this week was an ok week. Not my best, not my worst. I'm disappointed to miss another training day, and need to get back on my regular schedule. I need to start hitting all my trainings to unlock my full potential. I need to really get cruising.

On unrelated to training, but related to getting healthy, my eating and staying on Weight Watchers has went well. I've done a good job sticking to my points and trying to track everything I eat. I'm hoping to see some increased results from it. The key to eating healthy for me is to have a variety to it. That keeps me happy and content with my eating.

Everyone else stay healthy while training?


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