Jul 8, 2013

Weak Day, But Being Accountable

I had a weak day today. I've been trying to eat well, not eat too much, not eat horrible snacks and just do a better job all around. Unfortunately, today wasn't one of those days. I wanted this blog to keep me accountable, so I wanted to write about it.

So what happened?

My daughter has been fighting a fever this weekend. Sunday, she had a fever over 100 all day long, even with Tylenol. Overnight, she had a temperature of 102 at 4 am, so we knew she wasn't going to be going to daycare. So I took the day off to take care of her. When it got to be lunch time, nothing looked appealing. I didn't feel like the yogurt in the fridge, not a salad, not a sandwich, none of it. I had found some money in my work bag, from what I don't know, so I ordered a pizza from Papa Johns. Not healthy, shouldn't be spending the money on it, not a good decision. I ate too much of a food I shouldn't be having. It's not the way to lose the weight I need to.

What am I going to do about it?

Weight Watchers
There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a special treat now and again. There's nothing wrong with a little indulgence. But the time and the way I did it were not right. So, tonight, I took care of something I've been meaning to for quite a while. I signed back up for Weight Watchers. I've used it before, to great success, when I fully used the program and track diligently. I used it when I lost weight for our wedding. Later, I had continued it, but I wasn't tracking diligently, so it wasn't worth paying for the program. Now, I plan to use it again, to track all that I eat and keep me on point. I'm not being paid to endorse it or anything like that. In fact, I just paid them for 3 months up front to avoid the starting fee. I'm telling you all this because it worked for me before and I hope it will work for me again. It will help keep me accountable, and hopefully help me push my weight loss to go with my training. I think it will compliment my training well for my overall plan.


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