May 20, 2013

First Injury (Thanks to an Ankle Lock by Kurt Angle?)

So, I have my first injury of my training: an ankle sprain. I used to get these often when I was younger, so I'm not surprised. I used to have two different ankle braces, one to wear and one back up because it used to happen so often. But I haven't had any in a really long time, so it was a bit of a surprise. I rolled my ankle, but luckily not too bad. Was I 7 miles in on a 10 mile run? Was I training hard and taken down by a rougue woodchuck with a vendetta against runners? Was I ambushed by put into a submission hold professional wrestler Kurt Angle?
Ankle Lock
This is how I like to believe it happened.


We were out shopping on Sunday. Really, more "walking around the stores without buying" than "shopping". We had just parked near Best Buy. I got Sam out of her car seat, was holding her to walk across the parking lot, took on step and rolled my ankle. I immediately leaned against the car and let it subside a little. I moved my ankle around and immediately knew it was sprained. I thought "oh well" and hobbled into the store.

I decided to take the evening run planned off. My biggest concern is Saturday's 10K. I don't want to further the injury, make it worse and not be able to run. I need to find the proper balance to get ready while not pushing too much. During the day at work I periodically stopped and took a minute or two to stretch it out and move it around. It's been working pretty well to loosen it up and lessen the pain. It's not bad pain by any means, but just I feel the soreness in it walking some and more it more. I have my normal scheduled gym session tomorrow. I think my plan is to pass on it, stretch more throughout the day, and if it's feeling good, go to the gym on Wednesday. Then I can test it out and just have one session this week before the run.

That's my plan at least. Knew it was bound to happen. But *knock on wood* it's not a bad sprain so it should pass quickly.

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