May 17, 2013

Training Day 20 - Friday Night Lights

This week I switched up my second run. Normally I run Thursday mornings. This week, I decided to sleep a tiny bit extra and run in the evening. Then the evening came and I decided to push it to Friday. I figured I could do this since my weekend run is going to be Sunday instead of Saturday. This way, I'll still have my break day in between. Spending my Friday night running down the pavement. I know, jealous of my coolness.

The Run

Endomondo stats
I had a pretty good run tonight. The temperature was a little warmer than lately, but not too bad. It was a little humid as well. I decided I wanted to push myself for a little bit longer of a run and not just do the minimum 30 minutes. Since the plan calls for 30 - 45, I figured I could try and get 3 miles in. That was my goal. My second weekday run is also supposed to have the race day practice (rdp) where you run 2 miles at the pace you want to have using the run walk strategy, but frankly, that's what almost all my runs are anyway. I started off feeling slow, but actually turned in a 13:21 mile, beating my previous best mile by 2 seconds. I'll take any little bit I can get. In the end, I also got in my 3 miles and kept my average pace under 14 minutes, which I set as a secondary goal after my first mile. In the end, I felt good with my progress and my performance today. I'm feeling good and on track.

The Stats

Time: 41:39 mins
Distance: 3.02 miles
Average Speed: 4.35 mph
Average Pace: 13:47 min / mile


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