May 9, 2013

Training Day 17 - Evening Jaunt

With how well the evening run worked out on Tuesday, I decided to give it another try on Thursday. I also decided to try the extra loop on my shoes... not for me.

The Run

Today's run lacked the same energy. I just did have the same "spring in my step". I didn't feel overly tired before, I wasn't more tired afterwards then I normally am, I just didn't run fast today. I didn't feel overly slow running, but I know the energy wasn't there in my step this time around. I thought I did a little better on the run back, but it actually was a little slower. I just need to remind myself you'll have those days, that it is just a maintenance run, and that it's ok. The important part is getting out there. Unfortunately, since I haven't seen any weight change, it makes it a little harder mentally to accept. I logically know, but the brain doesn't always like to accept logic.

I have one of my long runs this weekend on the schedule (that build up over time) so I need to be sure to be ready for my 5 miles on Saturday morning.

The Stats

Time: 31:03 mins
Distance: 2.05 miles
Average Speed: 3.96 mph
Average Pace: 15:10 min / mile


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