May 2, 2013

Training Day 14 - Hitting the Pavement with New Shoes

This was my first run gearing up with my new ASICS GEL Kayano 19. I had hopes of it being a much nicer run. Not that I'd run necessarily faster, but that it would feel really good with the new kicks. Now, don't get me wrong, the run felt good as far as my feet were concerned. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best of runs, which left me feeling poor. Not physically, just mentally. I did not have the run I was hoping for.

The Run

Endomondo stats
As I mentioned, the shoes felt good. They feel good running. That's what matters. They immediately feel better on my feet, and I hope with time I'll really see how much of a difference they make to my knees and hopefully supporting and improving my technique a little. The run was a little off though. My mind was really out there. I really didn't have any concentration. I ran first thing in the morning, so when I stepped outside it was brisk, but I thought I'd still be ok once I got moving in my t-shirt and shorts. During the beginning of the run, my hands and arms got pretty chilly. After the first mile, I was ok, but I was cold and distracted for my warmup and first mile. After that, my mind wandered a lot. This kept me from keeping my pace up, because as my mind wanders and I go into autopilot mode, my pace slows down. That's why I think my pace was so good in the race, because my concentration was locked on the people in front of me, which kept my walk up. Today, however, even my run would slow down as I thought about various things. There was no one thing in particular, just scatter brained.

I'm not happy with the pace. I do know I'll have these days. I also know that the point of a maintenance run isn't about the pace you keep but first and foremost about getting out there and running. That's especially important so early in my running and training. I need to just brush it off and get a better run out on Saturday. It's only a 2 mile run, so I shouldn't be bad at all. An easier run to start my weekend off right.

The Stats

Time: 32:55 mins (workout), 43:25 (total)
Distance: 2.10 miles (workout), 2.51 miles (total)
Average Speed: 3.82 mph
Average Pace: 15:42 min / mile


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