May 22, 2013

Training Day 21 - Back on My Feet

So, after my no holds barred submission match with Kurt Angle rolling my ankle on Sunday, forgoing that evening's run, and pushing back my gym Tuesday, today I was feeling good enough to get back in there without worrying too much about jeopardizing Saturday. That has been my biggest worry, causing further injury keeping me from running in the 10K. Today, certain ways I flex it or push on it still cause some minor pain, my ankle felt overall pretty well.


Kurt Angle
I wanted to get back in the gym and put some work on it, but I also didn't want to overwork it. I felt doing some elliptical should be a good first test. I took a slow pace for a while at first and felt nothing. It was doing well. As I went on, I picked it up closer to the pace I normally take and it still felt well. All good signs. I decided to stick to my plan though and only run for a shortened 20 minutes. After finishing on the elliptical, I moved over to a treadmill. I started slow, then pushed up the speed slowly until I reached my running pace. After running several minutes, I didn't feel any pain during or after. The ankle was holding well. No spraining problem.

I kept stretching it after. There are still some tender spots, but running on it didn't seem to have adverse affects. This makes me confident for the weekend. I haven't been doing any really running in a little, which makes me believe it may be a rough start, but I'm at least not too worried about the ankle. Just my shape, which is "out of".

The Stats

Time: 20:00 mins
Distance: 2.34 miles
Average Speed: 7.2 mph
Average Pace: 8:19 min / mile


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