May 14, 2013

Some Things More Than Posts

A while ago I started adding some extra pages beyond just my posts. I wanted to round out a little bit with some additional content. With the layout I have, there's not way to make it too noticable, so it's just in the bar up top. Maybe eventually I'll play with the layout, but not today. I have a couple things planned to add. I don't want this to just become I ran in the gym, I ran outside, I ran outside farther. I writing all those posts because it helps keep me on track. They're not the most interesting most times, but I set out to have them as I make my push to the WDW1/2. I'm going to try and make a more conscience effort to put more in about how I'm feeling into some of them. At least the bigger weekend pushes.


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimy
I've added a page to be the home of the explanation of what I'm doing here. You can read the full version, which I'm rewording and improving over time. [In fact, as I try to write an abbreviated version here, I find things to add.]

I've been wanting to get in shape for a long time. Not just healthier and a couple pounds off, but really in shape. A large transformation. Before my wedding, I got about half way there. Unfortunately afterwards, I just hung out where I was, and then eventually jumped back up, slightly above where I started. I try to eat healthy and do an ok job of it. But from my past I know me. To lose weight I need to be active. I started the blog to help "keep me honest" while I tried to exercise and get fit.

My wife and I are both huge Disney fans. We both were long before we ever knew each other existed. One thing that I've discussed off and on is about wanting to someday do one of the Disney races. I always saw it as a someday after I'm in shape, then someday I'll start training and eventually someday I'll run one. That someday seemed like it would never really come. I put it off as one of those bucket list ideas I'd likely never get to, but would wish I could do.

My wonderful wife, Steph, decided to help make that someday come sooner. She knows how hard of a time I can have sticking to working out and how deep down in, I do need encouragement. She decided to make a way that I couldn't get out of it. So she devised a plan with a friend, Dave (of the soon to be Dopey Dave). Before I knew it, I had a running partner for a race. A big race. The Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

So now my site has an additional direction, a new purpose, like me. I'm tracking my journey to go from 0 to 13.1 miles. It won't likely be a straight journey, but more as the Doctor puts it more wibbly wobbly.  And like the Doctor, I'll have my companions along the way, Dave (as mentioned), and my former work mentor / nerf target, Derek. He's a sucker and got talked / peer pressured into it. Dave and Derek, you two can fight over who's the Legs, the Nose or Mrs. Robinson.

And I'm even feeling like I enjoy running at times, which just doesn't compute in my head.


Mmm... data...
I'm a geek. It's the truth. I'm trying to track all sorts of information, getting all sorts of data points. And I figure, if I have it, I might as well do something with it. And if I'm doing something with it, I might as well share it. So that's what is page is all about. I originally shared the Google Doc inline of my data, but my site was being flagged as being "potentially dangerous" when linking to it (I'm looking at you, Facebook), so I dropped that portion. Now I'm throwing in some graphs, which hopefully over time will be more useful. I want to show my progress, so as I get more data, I'll probably be able to put together some more interesting charts. For now, I'm just showing my average pace (semi-useful) and distance run (less useful, since it's dictated by my training plan).

You may not care to look at that, but that's ok. I'm doing it partially just because I can, so that's good enough for me.


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